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To obtain a good Return on Investments in the long range. We do not measure against indexes or Funds, but we privilege the protection of the Capital by the knowledge were it is employed.

Gabriel Castro's background

He is a Public Accountant with more than 15 years in the Market. During 29 years he was a former professional in a well-known US Company, were he has worked as professional or manager in different areas, like Finance, Information Systems and Marketing. He owns good technology for achieving his responsibilities. In this market he experienced:
  • Many Country crisis and devaluation
  • Manage a well-known Site for Fundamental Analysis
  • He publishes his works in well know Internet Sites or Magazines.


  • Portfolio Management:
    • Reduced set of customers
    • Reaseonable of investments from USD$ 30.000
    • We share gains exceeding objectives for a semester
  • Consultant on demand


  • Accounts are opened at selectd Brokers at the exclusively Order of Investors or the persons they authorize to cash funds
  • Valuables are deposited in the "Caja de Valores" a central market deposit bank for all Shares and Bonds in our market, at the order of the investror through the Broker.
  • Audit trails:
    • Our Reports:
      • Quaterly Reports: Portfolio, Movements, Returns
      • Yearly: Results for all investments
    • Reports from Broker
    • Reports from Caja de Valores


  • Our proposal is to invest in the long range exclusively, in order to protect yourself against to hight valatility in our markets.
  • Long range: 5 to 10 years minimum. You make cash gains or dividends
  • If you need cash, it is highly reccomended a good Cash Flow or your needs
  • We set your Portfolio according to your need on returns and volatility
    • Bonds or Debts: usually provide less volatility, higher predictability of Cash FLow and returns, low return rates.
    • Shares listed at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange: we look for shares with an excellent price performance for bith Results and Cash Dividends. Companies should show a strong position, leadership in its sector, good managemente, respect to minority holders, and usually a good perspectives of disburse cash dividends. Shares provide high volatility, low capacity to predict cashflow, a good return on investment rate based on our knowlege of this market.
    • We do not invest bases on speculations related to price trends when we may not agree the operation as suitable for the long range.
  • We maintain a continous review of formal and informal information regarding to our Portfolio components. We make visits or calls to our contacts in all Corporations we invest.
If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us to info@ABF.com.ar

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