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Since we are beginning our operations in the English language, we are offering you a great discount when buying in advance.

  • 75% OFF when you pay $ 100 in advance
  • 50% OFF when you pay $ 50 in advance
  • 25% OFF when you pay $ 25 in advance

Note: Remember you always pay in advance in the Internet!

These discounts are offered for a limited time only. Only customers living in Argentina, and purchasing reports in Spanish may get up to a 90% off to help them to overcome the high devaluation of the peso against US dollars. If this is your case, please go to the Spanish version of our Site.


You should first buy a discount option. Then send us an email to info@abf.com.ar specifying the 2CheckOut.com Order Number and the report/s you want to apply to the discount. The email address of your note should be the same as the email address you declared at 2Checkout when you setup your order.

You may buy a discount option just to buy your first report.

With each report sent you would be receiving a detail of your funds in our account. You may apply your funds to future buyings. You may request ciclycal reports in advance, and you will receive them at time of release.




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